A Digital Sponsorship

with your club

In 2024, we invite you to join your club through a digital sponsorship package. We are pleased to offer you display advertising in your virtual clubhouse. Offered as an extension to your existing sponsorship or as a first-time sponsor of the club, you’ll benefit from the opportunity to share your brand message in a completely new environment.

Clubland Pricing

Display Advertising Packages

We invite you to review our digital sponsorship packages, which will be available from February 2024.


Frequently Asked Questions?

If you’re new to digital advertising or you’d like to refresh on what’s included with this digital sponsorship package, please read some of our frequently asked questions below.

01. Why take a digital Sponsorship?

A digital advertising package with your club will ensure your club community gets to learn a little more about your business and service offering.

02. What if I don’t haven’t used digital display ads previously?

That’s absolutely fine. Our team can help develop your creative to reflect your brand messaging and offer. All we need is a logo, key messages and a link to the releveant URL.

03. What’s included as part of my package?

We have a number of packages available to suit different needs however they each come with the offer to have your creative developed for you, a specified placement and a dedicated report on how your creative was received.

04. What is a Share of Voice?

This simply means that based on the amound of ad placements that are run across the site, that your package will equal a % amount of those ads. If we run 500 ad units and you have a 10% package, then you will receive 50 of those ads.

05. How will I see the progress of my campaign?

05. How can my business sponsor elsewhere at the club?

We would be pleased to direct you to the right contact. Please email us at enquiries@clubland.net.au.

Depending on the package you select, we will provide you with corresponding reports that include all the key metrics to measure your campaigns success. We will also assist with optimisation opportunities.

06. I want a digital sponsorship but I can’t see what I’m looking for here.

No problem, please contact us at enquiries@clubland.net.au and we will be pleased to talk to you about a solution tailored to your business needs.

07. More questions?

No problem, just ask us and we will be really pleased to help.

08. Are packages limited?

Yes, there are only a limited number of sponsorship packages available for 2024 so please contact us asap to confirm your interest.

We invite you to send us an enquiry, and we will be pleased to assist. Alternatively you can email us at enquiries@clubland.net.au.